Alexa Letourneau

Within weeks of starting flute lessons at age 9, Alexa Letourneau began taping five pens together to draw a staff and write music. Now, listeners from Austria and Bulgaria to South Africa and Australia have heard her work. Also a flutist and vocalist, Alexa focuses on the bookends of classical music: the work of living composers and early music, especially German vocal music written prior to 1750.

Alexa is a speaker for gun violence prevention and an activist for LGBTQ+ musicians. Her social justice commitments have informed the sound stories she has composed, including _Coming Out, Reflections on Life in the Close_t and Requiem, a mass for her father. According to renowned Austrian composer Gabriele Proy, Alexa’s use of unique timbral combinations creates an expressive sound that is "poignant and intriguing, yet whimsical.”

"quiddities," a piece Alexa premiered in 2020, explored her personal experiences in quarantine both as someone who survived Covid and as a musician working to remain collaborative despite the distance. And, of all the awards her compositions have won, she was most delighted for becoming the fan-favorite during a 48-hour compositional challenge with her piece "Piccolo piccolo Piccolo piccolo piccolo piccolo Piccolo piccolo.”

Alexa is the founder and host of the new music podcast Classical Schmassical: the anti-Classical classical music podcast.

Listen to Alexas’s Lamellae for guitar and violin.