Diego Berrospi Gutierrez

Incan history and the breakneck pace of globalization have inspired 28-year-old emerging composer Diego Berrospi Gutierrez from Peru. Diego extols the jungles, mountains, Spanish invaders, traditional gods, and ancient stories as a wellspring for his work. And yet, he says, “I am a citizen of the world … (who) can talk about life in Lima today or (in) the universe.”

He won national prizes for_ Zúmac Ñusta_, a choral work premiered by the National Choir of Peru, and Pacífico, a string trio performed in Gran Teatro Nacional in Lima; and a premiere and broadcast by Radio Universidad FM 107.5 of “Time, Devouring Time,” for soprano and piano.

While being a contemporary classical music composer in Peru is not yet a common career path, Diego has begun paving the way for other composers as a co-founder of the Sinapsis collective, promoting contemporary music concerts, and as a member of the Laptop Ensemble at the National University. He believes his music is the manifestation of his historical, social, and human moment, and that’s why he will continue to “walk through the world to create”.

Listen to Diego’s Zumac Ñusta for mixed choir (Beautiful Maiden)

Translation of lyrics:

Beautiful maiden

that one, your brother

your little jar

is breaking.

And for this reason

There's thunder and lightning

and the storm falls.

You royal maiden

your precious waters

You will give us in rain.

Also, sometimes

you'll make it hail

And it will snow too.

The world maker

The god who gives life

The great Viracocha

for this job

he brought you

And he gave you a soul.